GPK-Government Polytechnic Kohima

CSE alumni

The Alumni community of the Dept of CSe has made the GPK proud. Many of them have succesffuly completed higher studies- BE/ME/PhD with flying colors. Now they hold important positions in various organizations, contributing immensely with their skills and knowledge, the foundation of which was laid within the four walls of our classrooms and labs.

Placement Details of CSE Alumni

# Alumni Position & Org
1 Ketusezo Rote Associate System Analyst, Kohima Smart City Development Limited
2 Moasunep Longkumer Demonstrator, Govt. Polytechnic Phek
3 Kekhriesituo Sachu Lecturer, Govt Polytechnic Doyang, Wokha
4 Mr. Niloto Achumi Technician, Eastern Computer Agency
5 Ms. Neihovinu Teresa Rolnu Computer Operator, N.V. Press
6 Ms. Kuvieteii Koza Data Entry Operator, Curzor BT
7 Mr. Zhokho Keyho Data Entry Operator, Impact, Kohima
8 Ms. Awele Lomi Office Assistant cum Computer Operator, Impact, Kohima
9 Mr. Neikemhiezo Lhoungu Computer Assistant, CADS
10 Mr. Joney Katiry Computer Assistant, Ramietech Solutions Kohima
11 Mr. Neikeduolie Sogotsu Computer Assistant, N.V. Press
12 Ms. Penchamwi Computer Assistant, N.V. Press
13 Ms. Imchazenla IT Technician, Eastern Computer Agency
GPK-Government Polytechnic Kohima