GPK-Government Polytechnic Kohima

Department of Civil Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering was introduced in the year 2015. It is a program approved by All India Council for Technical Education.


To be pre-eminent in the field of civil engineering imparting quality technical education with lifelong learning attitude for a sustainable development in the society.

Mission of the program

  • M1:To provide comprehensive knowledge of Civil Engineering for life-long learning.
  • M2:To produce technically and professionally competent Civil Engineers in the context of sustainable technological advancements
  • M3:To develop students to adapt to changing technologies with skills for self-sustenance and modern construction practices
  • M4:To inculcate moral and ethical values in students taking into account the socio-cultural impact comprising public utilities and services.

Program Educational Outcomes

  • PEO1: Acquire comprehensive knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering making the student capable of applying the concepts and design standards in Civil Engineering Structures.
  • PEO2: Acquire positive attitude towards lifelong learning and higher studies that emphasizes academic and technical excellence in profession and research
  • PEO3: To innovate the students giving them exposure to real life projects and making them industry ready by organising workshops/undergoing internship during the course of study
  • PEO4: Ability to establish a creative environment for technology, work as a technical supervisor in various sectors and deal effectively with ethical and professional issues
GPK-Government Polytechnic Kohima