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Campus News and Events

NIT Director

Dr. S. Venugopal and officials from NIT Dimapur visited the institute and interacted with the faculty on the 10th of September 2018  

Childline 1098

An awareness program on CHILDLINE 1098 was conducted at GPK on 6th September 2018 by Childline Kohima.    

Freshers news

Freshers Day was celebrated on 13th of August 2018. 

Civil Engineering Course is the latest addition to the three existing courses at Government Polytechnic  Kohima.

The Course in Civil Engineering got underway during the academic session 2015-16 when the first batch of 30 (thirty) students were admitted to the Polytechnic.

Since the 3 year Diploma Course was introduced only during the academic session 2015-16, new laboratories were set up to meet the practical requirements of the curriculum. Under this, the basic requirements of various laboratories namely, 1. Surveying Laboratory   2. Hydraulics laboratory and 3. Material Testing laboratory were set up.            

Various shops under Workshop were set up to cater to teaching and learning the basic knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, electrical and welding. The shops set up

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